To Become (Shared Passion… Shared Vision 2012)

To My Passionate Colleagues at the CS Div:
I pray that you may also be blessed with the same experience and even more.

With much love, me.

January 25 to 27 – Three days and two nights of memorable encounters with :

(1) Passionate Colleagues in the College Unit (both awe-inspiring mentors who are institutions within this institution and younger ones who are infectious with their energies and drives). Amidst these people, one gets blessed with how passion took on many varied forms, sometimes not recognizable by the naked eye, in this great institution. Hearing the rich experience of the lives (personal and professional) of these people was so overwhelmingly heartwarming and moving.

(2)Unexpectedly, there is also a deep encounter with the self. Passions inside emerge and we get to a better understanding of these. We will come to terms with the reasons why deep inside we have a deep appreciation and love for the Ateneo (AdDU), not despite and in spite of … but because of, just because.

(3) and most of all, because this “planning” is in man-made Eden which waited for years to bloom and grow for it to be what it is today, and, as they say, a garden is an attempt for man to regain and become what man was truly meant to be, the third and most important Encounter, through Grace, made this experience very memorable.