Kudos! An Unusual Treatment – Book Launch

  Dom just had his book launch yesterday (February 17, 2012). It was awe-inspiring, yet it was also a very cozy event. I was star-struck as I got to be with celebrities in attendance , no less than Dr. Ricardo De Ungria, Ms. Aida Rivera Ford, Ms. Jeanne Lim, among other esteemed writers were there to show their support to Dom as their colleague and friend. It was also, overall, very cozy as you see Dom and Emily’s families witnessing the event with much pride and joy in their faces. Dom’s supporters from the Humanities and Engineering Divisions, Ingenuity, SALEM, and a lot more came to get their hands on a copy of the book. I did too, and until now I am still enjoying the short stories. My top favorites, thus far, are Matrice and Leg Men (I’m saving the “An Unusual Treatment” story for last,  i bet it’ll be the best).

As a bonus, we got treats from Emily’s merienda table. The cake sculpture was AMAH-ZING!

Kudos, to the DOM. Truly an exceptional, uncommon, unusual feat!