If Shakespeare wrote in JavaScript…

From If Hemingway wrote JavaScript:

function theSeriesOfFIBONACCI(theSize) {

//a CALCKULATION in two acts.
//employ'ng the humourous logick of JAVA-SCRIPTE

//Dramatis Personae
var theResult; //an ARRAY to contain THE NUMBERS
var theCounter; //a NUMBER, serv'nt to the FOR LOOP

//ACT I: in which a ZERO is added for INITIATION

//[ENTER: theResult]

//Upon the noble list bestow a zero
var theResult = [0];

//ACT II: a LOOP in which the final TWO NUMBERS are QUEREED and SUMM'D

//[ENTER: theCounter]

//Commence at one and venture o'er the numbers
for (theCounter = 1; theCounter < theSize; theCounter++) { //By divination set adjoining members theResult[theCounter] = (theResult[theCounter-1]||1) + theResult[Math.max(0, theCounter-2)]; } //'Tis done, and here's the answer. return theResult; //[Exuent] }