Job Posting: Afterfive Technologies

Afterfive is looking for JUNIOR DEVELOPERS/ WEB DESIGNERS to join our team. If you meet the requirements listed below, apply by sending me a copy of your resume. Email it to holden at

Character Requirements:

– Independent & Responsible
Afterfive is a small firm. You must know how to motivate yourself, manage your own time, research and learn what is required, and make good and responsible technical and personal decisions. We would rather pay our developers more than hire middle managers to watch over you and monitor your progress.

– Team player
We often work on large and complex knowledge management web portals. We work as a team. You need to be able to step up to the challenge when called and you need to be open in assisting others in the team if needed.

– Passionate about programming
You do not need to be a guru to join our team. But you must show that you are passionate about programming and learning new technologies. You can grow your knowledge and skills from the projects that the organization undertakes. You should be sure that programming is what you want as a career.

Technical Requirements (not required but it would be an advantage if you are familiar with some of the skills below. We will provide training if you are not familiar):


  • Linux and the command line
  • Knows how to use subversion or git
  • Familiar with PHP or Python
  • Knows CakePHP, Django, Plone/Zope, or Pyramid framework

Web Designers:

  • Linux and the command line
  • Knows how to use subversion or git
  • Knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, Javascript
  • Familiar with Gimp and Inkscape

Requirements for Paid Interns:

  • Graduating student of a college computer course (BS CS, BS IT, etc.)
  • Above average grades
  • Interested in learning Free Open Source Software

Why would you want to join us?

  • You want challenging projects and you want to work on systems for companies such us the International Labor Organization, Australian Aid, PhilHealth, local government units, and others.
  • You have a 5 year time-line to work abroad and in the mean time you want to prepare and learn international programming standards.
  • You want flexible work hours. You can, for example, teach a 3 unit computer science course in a university and at the same time work as a developer.
  • Industry standard salaries and bonuses. For interns, allowances will be provided.

About Afterfive
Afterfive is an IT provider based in Davao City, Philippines. It specializes in Free/ Open Source Software (FOSS) solutions. It has experience in provisioning various integrated hardware, software, and networked systems but is known more as a provider for knowledge management portals and websites.