Fr. Denny in Recovery

Update on Fr. Denny, from Fr. Joel.

With the Jesuit Community of Davao, I would like to thank all of you who have offered special prayers for the success of the kidney transplant that was performed on Fr. Denny Toledo, S.J. last Monday.

I am happy to report to the University Community that the procedure – as far as the doctors now assess – has been successful. Fr. Denny’s donor was his own nephew, Noel. The donated kidney has been received well by Fr. Denny’s system and is reported to be functioning as expected.

Fr. Denny is being transferred from the ICU of the National Kidney Institute Hospital to a regular room, but Noel is already up and about.

For the meantime, while Fr. Denny’s immune system is being artificially regulated, visitors are discouraged.

Let’s continue praying for Fr. Denny!