Portable Direct Printing Device


Fr. Denny showed off a wonderful portable direct printing device to the guys in the office. Apparently, it’s called a ‘typewriter’, and it’s very clever indeed. Highlight features: 1) Direct printing – puts to paper immediately as you type! 2) Real tactile feedback – none of that simulated haptic vibration! 3) Durable – doubles as a club and bulletproof shield! And best of all: 4) Doesn’t require electricity to operate! Our young staff were rightly amazed at this wonder that they had never seen before.

The future of phones

What will your phone look like in 2022?. This article from Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic looks at where the developments are going. Some key points:

  • Telephony functions are largely an add-on for cellphones now; they’re going to go the way of TV and radio
  • The phone market experiences shifts every five years, the case being Nokia, once dominant, but squeezed from the top by Apple and from the bottom by cheap manufacturers from India and China
  • The future shape of phones will be largely dictated by the input. We’ve reached the peack with our phone on glass touchscreens; in the future, it might be 3D natural input or voice.