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The just-announced Open Laboratory Policy allows any bonafide student of Ateneo de Davao to access the computers in the Computer Studies Division laboratories in aid of their academics. This ties in with the recent push of ADDU to implement the Moodle online learning system.

Announcement follows:

The following policy for Open Labs is established to provide students with the equipment and environment needed to complete assignments in classes requiring computer use. The Open Labs policy means that a laboratory room is open for use during a free time schedule (i.e. it is not in use by a regular class or a previously scheduled authorized reservation).

The computer laboratories covered by this policy at present are F613C, F613D, F613E, and F613F.

1. The Open Labs are available to all currently enrolled students, regardless of course affiliation. They can have access to the supervised laboratories during free time schedules. Free time schedules mean that the laboratory is not use by a class, or by a group specifically scheduled to have exclusive use of the laboratory.

Supervised laboratories mean that there is a laboratory assistant present and on duty in the room. Laboratory personnel function in the place of teachers during free time schedules. They are authorized to refuse to admit or eject students from the laboratories for violations of laboratory rules.

2. All students must present a valid Ateneo I.D. and an Internet Access Card (available at Finster Ground Floor near Gate 6) upon signing in for computer use. Students must sign out after use.

3. Availability of computers is on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Open labs are reserved for academic use only. The use of lab computers for instant messaging, playing games, listening to music, social networking, etc. is not permitted.

5. In general, students are not permitted to use their own laptops in the Open Labs. However, in laboratories where there are tables without computers, students may do so, subject to the existing rules of the laboratories, i.e. they may neither disconnect the network connection nor the power connection of a laboratory computer. These tables are also on a first-come, first served basis.

6. Students are prohibited from moving, modifying, or tampering with laboratory hardware. Students are not permitted to install or remove peripherals (power cords, monitors, mice, keyboard, and other hardware devices) without expressed consent from TSO.

7. Students are not permitted to install or remove software without explicit written permission from TSO.

8. Consistent with school policy, the computers must not be used for any activity that might be considered hateful, dangerous, illegal, malicious or obscene. If in doubt, DON’T.

9. Personal music players as long as they are used with headphones and set at a volume level which keeps them personal, may be used during Open Labs. Flash media drives are permitted for use in the Open Labs.

10. Mobile phones are to be turned off or set to “Silent” mode. Mobile phones should be used only outside the lab.

11. Food, drinks or containers for such, are not allowed in the lab for any reason. Dispose of these before entering the lab.

12. Problems with equipment or software must be reported to the laboratory personnel immediately.

13. Students must clean up their work area and shut down the computer properly after use.

14. All existing rules for the use of the Computer Laboratories which are not explicitly revoked by these Open Lab Rules, remain in force.

15. The use of the Open Lab is a PRIVILEGE, which can be revoked, if abused.

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