Alumni Interview – Shane Manabat

Where are you working now?

–  Ng Khai Development Corporation

What do you at your job?

– I’m the current Operations Manager for the Davao Branch. Basically, I oversee all aspects of the business, as well as all its other stores, and sister company, within the Mindanao area.

What types of tech are you handling?

– Technologies I’m handling varies from different brands of hardware to software. Hardware varies from commercial solutions (servers, storage, blades, etc) to consumer items (notebooks, netbooks, tablets and even mobile phones). Software varies from commercial software to in-house built software.

What other work have you done or are doing?
– Previously, I’ve worked as an SEO Content Writer, so I mostly write essays, compositions, reviews, etc, on topics like banking, insurances, medicine, healthcare, home products, and so on.

How did the Ateneo education prepare you for your work?

– Apart from the knowledge (IT) that ADDU has provided me with, education in my work ethics, personality and passion are what I consider the most useful things that the Ateneo Education has given me.

What advice you’d give to our students today?

– An advice I could give is this, While in school, take your time to learn, however, always understand that it is always impractical to learn everything. Determine what you’re good at and what you love and hone those skills by learning these in school, or even outside. In life, it is easy to get started on something, but always difficult to finish them, without passion. Without passion, a strong follow-through is always difficult. Likewise, experience what you can, both good and bad, as ignorance can make life a bit difficult.

Thanks a lot, Shane.