Alumni Interview – Shanz Jalnaiz

Where are you working now?     
I’m currently working at Virtual Web Outsourcing (, Davao City. A company that provides off-shore staffing to foreign IT-enabled companies.

What do you at your job?
I provide IT support to my foreign clients such as Search Engine Optimization, Market Research and Website Maintenance. I am currently assigned as a Team Leader wherein I manage a team of professionals who purchase and sell advertising materials to website owners.

What types of tech are you handling?
– Search Engine Optimization
– WordPress Development
– Cloud Computing

What other work have you done or are doing?
I am currently managing my team of outsourcers for the buying and selling of ads

How did the Ateneo education prepare you for your work?
Ateneo education taught me to do your best in everything you do and do not settle for less.

What advice you’d give to our students today?
My advice for students of this generation is try and put into practice all the learnings they have gotten in the classroom even if they are still schooling. This will greatly help in improving their industry-needed skills and prepare them for their future careers.

Thank you, Shanz.